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1. You MUST post these rules.
2. Each person MUST post 11 things about themselves in their journal.
3. Answer the questions the "tagger" set for you in their post, and create 11 new questions
for the people you tag to answer.
4. You HAVE to choose 15 people to tag AND post their icons on your journal.
5. GO to his/her page AND tell that person you tagged him/her.
6. NO tag backs.
7. NO stuff like "you are tagged if you read this".
8. You HAVE to ask 11 questions. NO LESS THAN 11!

my questions for you

1~do you like duck
As in the food, or...? If so, then YES. ME GUSTA DUCK.

2~if you do whats your favorite duck
LOL, what? My favorite duck is DONALD DUCK. ME GUSTA DONALD DUCK.

3~Belarus is Stalking you what do you do?
Tell her I've never had a stalker before, then love her forever <3 xD I would probably call the cops in real life, though...

4~how do you feel of this song
Sorry, but when I copy and pasted, it didn't show the link, so I'll just ignore this question...! :D

5~what's your favorite movie
My favorite movie is Hetalia: Paint It White! WHO DOESN'T LIKE DAT MOVIE?!

6~who is your favorite anime character
Uhmm, Russia, 2p!Italy, 2p!America, America, 2p!England, England...Angel from Angel Beats, and all the Yandere characters known to man....

7~who would you choose England or France
Well, depends on what mood I'm in. If I'm feelin' frisky, I would go with England, but if I'm feelin' angry I would probably go with France. You'd think it'd be the other way around, but France has herpes.

8~what would you do if England was sleeping shirtless in your bed
Uhm, wonder why he's there? Jk, we all know why he's there...*suggestive wink* Okay, no, seriously? If he was in my bed shirtless, I would probably, like, kill him. I bet you thought I would say that I would do the nasty with him, right? Well, YOU'RE WRONG.

9~what would you do if you could see flying mint bunny
Wonder if I took my medicine that morning.

10~America gave you his last burger
I would thank him, and then proceed to do him.

After I ate that burger.

11~what would you do if you can see canada
Um, scream, then say my prayers? Ghosts are freaky, yo! Btw, who's Canada?


My questions for you :D

1) If you had to pick a 2p! Hetalia character, which one would you pick?
2)Why are you so damn sexy?
3)If Russia was looking into you're window, what would you do?

4) Would you rather have hamburgers, or tiny little finger sandwiches?
5)Would you rather use a bat as a weapon, or a lead pipe? Or maybe some poisonous cupcakes? Ohonhonhon? Funny, or no?
6)Would you rather kiss a llama, or do the nasty with a llama? Btw, the kiss would have to be on the lips.

7) Do you like me?
8) If you had to speak a language other than English(or whatever you speak), what would it be?
9) Do you like me? Do you like me? Do you love me? I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. Do you love me?
10)Do you like cupcakes? If not, what other delicious pastries do you like? What's your favorite?
11) Do you love me? I love you. Do you love me? I love you. Do you love me? I love you.

Tag: Whoever reads this oVo


United States

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MiruzukiChan Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I apologize with our complications...

I hope you like it. I crammed myself to make it in 10 minutes 'cause I still have to study for examinations. If you're not a fan of Denmark, please tell me so that I can change the character! Will you forgive me? :ashamed:
iBiankah Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2013
I forgive you, man! ;_; Although I was never mad... To be honest, I don't even remember what we were fighting about, lol. But thank you, anyway! :) Mind if I add you?
MiruzukiChan Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
:icontearsofjoyplz: I'm sooo sorry... I don't even know what came up into my mind to say such cruel words! I just felt so guilty and I just knew I had to do at least something...

:iconcryforeverplz: After my stupid words... You act so kind... Thank you so much! 
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